A Day's Promise

"Why wake from your dreams any sooner than you have to?” GIRL asks herself as she justifies her hesitance to get out of bed. “Every girl needs her beauty rest.” 

GIRL’S dreams have been far more colorful than her reality for many months now. Living in the City has made GIRL fiercely independent yet the dissipation of those fiery feelings of passion that once pulsed through her has left her wanting. Complete and partial, all at the same time. The sun seems bold today and shines down upon GIRL’S face as she steps out into the City to begin her commute to work. Who knows what the day holds for her? 

Four Years Later

Their love has overcome too many obstacles to count across various continents. The first few moments of their mornings, waking up side-by-side, are now the most cherished part of their days together. 

BOYFRIEND is embarking on a trip that will keep them apart for many months. They don’t know if their love will be strong enough this time. BOYFRIEND awakens her a few minutes early and hands her a card. GIRLFRIEND squints her swollen eyes; she had been crying for most of the night. She slowly rolls towards him and opens the card with both hands. He loves these moments when GIRLFRIEND is soft and unguarded.

 “M - As I head out on my travels, I leave my heart here with you. I promise we’ll see each other soon and we must. We have so many adventures ahead of us - mountains to climb, dragons to slay and treasures to find. It won’t be easy, but we do anything together. I’m so lucky to be writing this story with you." 

A strong feeling of calm certainty fills her chest. In this moment, GIRLFRIEND knows her reality is far richer than her dreams. A fantasy of sorts. 

Their love story continues.