Cheesy Eggs are for Lovers

It’s a frigidly cold but shining December morning. The Ponderosa Pines will soon begin to shed their needles, making the Rocky Mountain landscape appear beautifully minimal. Inside, BIG SISTER has been up for a few minutes and is already making breakfast. LITTLE SISTER can’t recall the last time she was allowed to cook with her sibling around, and gave up that futile fight years ago. Always feeling behind, the younger girl hurriedly walks out of her room and hears her sister in the kitchen. LITTLE SISTER peers around the corner.

BIG SISTER is looking down at the pan, eyebrows furrowed in unremitting attention. She is turned sideways, fingers working at an elf’s pace with her waist-length shiny black hair gleaming in the morning light. BIG SISTER'S fervency for life, in everything that she does, always amazes LITTLE SISTER and it’s just the same experience when it comes to preparing breakfast. It’s as if this wonder of a woman is on a mission to feed the world and is convinced that she will succeed in doing so with this one meal. Nothing but a few small bites, and she then swiftly transitions from chef to server. What is this masterpiece that she unknowingly has perfected over the past 20 years? Cheesy eggs. Golden, warm and always cooked in love. These are consistently the most delicious eggs LITTLE SISTER has ever tasted. 

“Cheesy eggs, just the way you like them, Little One. Come eat.” 

LITTLE SISTER's eyes light up as a knowing smile forms. She turns the corner and walks into the kitchen.

This is going to be good.